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Trademarks and Brands General Information
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The Trademarks and Brands Approved Nouns List is continuously updated with new trademark information. If you have questions, please call the Trademarks and Brands group at one of the numbers provided under Contact Information.

The list of marks represents the English (Roman alphabet) version. For translations or transliterations of marks (i.e., Katakana), please contact Intel's Trademarks and Brands Group directly.

Approved Nouns List: To assist you in proper use of the trademarks, we have included a list of appropriate nouns to be used in conjunction with the trademarks. All such nouns should be in lower case except where accepted capitalization rules dictate otherwise (i.e., document titles).

TMs and Model Numbers: Trademarks associated with multiple model numbers can have such model number appear after the mark and before the appropriate noun or product name. For example: MCS® 251 microcontroller(s) and StorageExpress" II system(s).

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