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Trademarks and Brands Guidelines on Symbols and Ownership Acknowledgments
Following are guidelines for the use of trademark symbols and acknowledgments for Intel's trademarks: Print This Document
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Trademark Symbols

  • In letters, memos, press releases, white papers, advertising, slides, foils, video, and other multimedia presentations:
    • Properly designate (with ®, " or SM) all of Intel's trademarks at the most prominent use (usually a headline) and again on the first occurrence in copy.
    • In the case of presentation graphics, trademarks should be designated with the proper trademark symbol on each page, slide, and foil.
  • In newsletters, magazines, and publications containing multiple articles:
    • Properly designate (with ®, " or SM) all of Intel's trademarks on the first occurrence in the Table of Contents, in headlines and on the first occurrence in EVERY article in which they are used.
  • In brochures, annual/quarterly reports, books, technical documentation, and other bound documents:
    • Properly designate (with ®, " or SM) all of Intel's trademarks on the first occurrence in the Table of Contents, in headlines, and on the first occurrence in text.
  • In all charts or graphs, properly designate trademarks (with ®, " or SM), as they could be copied or pulled and used independently.
  • In all tag lines incorporating a trademark slogan, e.g. "The Computer Inside."", always use the trademark symbol in every reference.
Trademark Acknowledgments
  • Properly footnote and acknowledge trademark ownership, preferably identifying Intel marks as being owned by Intel Corporation, e.g., [Mark] is a trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.
    • Note: Trademarks and logos licensed by Intel to you may have specific contractual acknowledgment requirements or other restrictions. Refer to your contract or license for specific requirements.
Usage Examples

Use Pentium to enhance the performance of your software Use Pentium® processor 166 MHz to enhance...
Look for PCs with Pentium III's Look for PCs with Intel® Pentium® III processors
Pentium® II-based computers Pentium® II processor-based computers
Pentium PCs PCs with Intel® Pentium® processors
XYZ's new product name is "Celeron 850" The XYZ 850 system contains an Intel� Celeron® processor
Xeon processors Pentium® II Xeon" processors
Landesk PC LANDesk® system
200 MHz Pent. PCI Pentium® processor 200 MHz and PCI
Pentium III class High performance processors
iCOMP chart iCOMP® index
Itanium" power Intel® Itanium" processor power
Netstructure switch Intel� NetStructure� switch
Intel Inbusiness print station Intel� InBusiness� Print Station
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