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product ecology

Welcome to the Product Ecology Home Page

Over the past several years, environmental focus has expanded from the manufacturing of electronic products to the environmental attributes of the electronic products themselves. This expanded focus presents an interesting challenge for the highly specialized and distributed world of electronics manufacturing.

Intel Corporation has long focused on design for the environment and improving its environmental performance. However, this focus has historically been at the manufacturing level. That is, reducing and minimizing the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes as each new generation of microprocessor is introduced. As environmental attention has turned to the performance of electronic products, Intel has expanded its own environmental focus to include the environmental attributes of the components it produces.

Although our components make up a small piece of the final electronic device sold to the consumer, we believe that our role can be significant in helping to minimize the environmental impact of the final product.

As a company, we are committed to conserving natural resources, reducing environmental impact and developing environmentally compatible products and processes (Intel EHS policy). This web page highlights the ongoing work that is being done by Intel to reduce the environmental impact of our products. In particular, improved energy efficiency, increased use of environmentally friendly materials, end of life considerations, and packaging minimization are all areas in which Intel has been able to reduce the environmental footprint of its own products and thus, the footprint of its customers.

Focus Areas
Intel's Environmental Performance
Global Climate Change
Energy Efficiency
Lead and Halogen Free
Reuse and Recycling Initiatives
Product Packaging

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