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Personal Profile

What qualifications did you need?

In order to be hired for this particular job I had to have a basic understanding of construction office suite proficiency, basic people skills and a "go get 'em" attitude.

What are your responsibilities?

My responsibilities include many aspects of large projects. I'm in charge of writing a scope summary capturing the scope of work in each project I take on. Then I develop a detailed schedule with key milestone dates to identify completion of construction. Along with establishing budgets and cost code designations, I also forecast and manage changes in the proposed budget. In addition, I'm responsible for the management and field observation of construction activities, including maintenance and safety protocol.

What is your favorite thing about working at Intel?

My favorite thing about working for Intel is the freedom I have to do the work the way I want to do it. There are rules I have to follow and processes, but there is a freedom to explore new things and complete my work however I choose. It's also great to work with the people here. They are very friendly and willing to help with just about anything. There is a professional, yet laid-back atmosphere and that allows for friendships to grow inside and outside the workplace.

What experiences as an Intern will help you in a full-time position?

I think that every experience as an intern helps with a full-time position. Every thing I do teaches me something that I can take to a full-time position. I used Microsoft Office* 2000 quite a bit and it's been very useful. There are a lot of people skills and communication skills that I am picking up on that will truly benefit me in the future. Most of all, learning how to get things done in an orderly fashion here at Intel will help with a later full-time position.

What advise would you give potential Interns at Intel?

The best advice I can give potential interns is to ask questions. People at Intel are very willing to help and give advice. Take advice from anyone that offers it and if you have any type of question, no matter what, ask it! Also, don't be afraid to speak up about things you think could be done better. Intel is always open for changes and just because they are doing it one way doesn't mean it can't be done better.

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