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Careers and Profiles, Finance, Personal Profile
Personal Profile

What do you do at Intel?

I just recently rotated from a senior budgets and planning finance analyst to a senior revenue analyst within the Embedded Intel Architecture Division.

What is a typical day like at Intel?

My day-to-day activities can vary greatly depending upon which workweek of the quarter we are in. Take today for example, I am in Portland, Oregon for a week long face-to-face project review — which is a refreshing change from Arizona's summer heat.

What is your favorite thing about working at Intel?

I like the ability to set up one-on-one meetings or just walk into anyone's cubicle regardless of their organization level. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help. Intel also has opportunities for co-workers and business partners to get to know each other though offsite activities like community service, networking and teambuilding events.

What is most challenging about your job?

It would be the dynamic nature of the semiconductor industry and how everything is always in a constant state of change. You must act fast and a there is a definite focus on results.

Why did you choose Intel?

I chose Intel because they're an extremely large corporation with a vast amount of job opportunities around the world. I specifically chose to work in finance because of the career-long job rotation program that Intel Finance has in place. With job rotations, I am always learning something new and exposed to various roles in very diverse businesses. There is also the potential to work with mergers and acquisitions at many different sites.

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