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Information Technology Overview
Be part of the support and services that keeps Intel moving at the speed of e-Business. Intel's IT and Services designs and supports the information technology architecture and hardware/software applications for Intel. In addition, IT and Services is responsible for e-Commerce development, data hosting and storage and delivery of Web content and services.

As a team member, you'll play a major role in helping us increase our Internet presence by providing data hosting, Internet connectivity and Web consulting services to external customers. IT and Services provides development and support for:

  • Web applications
  • Network infrastructure and distributed systems
  • O/S and applications
  • Database management systems
  • Remote access, firewalls, software security and anti-virus systems

Make an Impact
As part of IT and Services, you'll have the opportunity to help build and operate our world-class internal IT infrastructure. You'll also see opportunities to analyze, design and evaluate products and technology for worldwide business systems. Below are some examples of the type of work that you'll be a part of at Intel:

  • Design and implement high-level language systems products for advanced computer systems.

  • Develop, select, implement and maintain computer-based applications to meet business requirements.

  • Design and manage databases to drive the integration of business data, functions and systems.

  • Establish standards, guidelines, procedures and other infrastructure necessary to support the integration of data.

  • Define, design and support leading-edge e-Commerce, networking and Internet environments.

  • Develop and support media streaming and Webcasting products.

  • Develop and support SAP* business-to-business solutions.

  • Build and operate world-class internal IT infrastructure.

  • Design and evaluate products and technologies for worldwide business systems.

  • Develop and support remote access, firewalls, software security and anti-virus systems.

  • Build and operate state-of-the-art, online service centers worldwide.

  • Create media and content distribution services on Internet.

What You Need
We look for candidates with degrees in the following disciplines:

  • Computer science
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer information systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • Management information systems
  • Financial information systems
In addition, we're looking for qualified individuals with the right combination of skills and experience in:
  • Windows* programming, C*, C++*

  • Client/server and distributed systems

  • SQL*, Oracle* DBA, UNIX*, Windows NT* systems administration

  • Security technology

  • Networking protocol

  • e-mail systems and security
  • Data warehouse management

  • Data and process modeling

  • SAP*

  • PeopleSoft*

  • PowerBuilder*

  • Web application development

  • e-Commerce
We have opportunities for both recent college graduates as well as individuals with related work experience.

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