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Personal Profile

What do you do at Intel?

I manage a group that's responsible for contracting, procurement of equipment and service for the fabrication facilities in Arizona. The people that I manage are responsible for all of the transactions and activities related to order placement, inventory management and supplier management.

What qualifications did you need?

Any type of business, management, or related undergraduate degree is typically what's required. A graduate degree is a plus. Having a background in supply line management is also very beneficial. Most individuals within our organization come from varied educational backgrounds. I find that skill sets are much more important than the actual degree itself. These include leadership, analytical problem solving, tolerance of ambiguity, organization, planning and interpersonal skills.

What is your favorite thing about working at Intel?

The opportunity to work in an environment where I am continuously challenged day-in and day-out. In addition, I truly enjoy the interaction that I have with employees in my department on a daily basis. Playing a vital part of their development and growth within the department and at Intel is a very fulfilling aspect of my job.

What is most challenging about your job?

There are always opportunities to improve our business. Identifying and driving significant improvement in the fundamental ways in which we do business is the most challenging. It often takes large amounts of effort to think creatively and to push the threshold of normal performance to execute step-level improvements in our business. This often requires changing our business models and paradigms.

What is the best experience you've had while working at Intel?

The best experience I've had is doing what I'm doing right now, managing a group that is responsible for supporting one of the fastest technology ramps in Intel history. It will be a key revenue producer for Intel in 2002, while also supporting another factory that is one of today's top revenue producers for Intel. Knowing that the work that we are doing can have a tremendous impact on the company's bottom line is extremely fulfilling.

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