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Careers and Profiles, Supply Network, Personal Profile
Personal Profile

What do you do at Intel?

In July of 2001, I completed the Graduate Rotation Program. I just finished a Fab Planning, Logistics and Divisional Planning rotation. The rotations have allowed me to see the majority of Intel's supply chain in action, from production to the end customer. Next, I am taking a full-time position in Fab 22 Planning. Most of my work will be project-based and focused on ensuring that procedures and processes are in place for the successful ramping up of Intel's newest Fab. These processes entail multiple informational systems that require collaboration across several functional areas.

What is your favorite thing about working at Intel?

My favorite thing about working at Intel is that as a recent MBA graduate, you are allowed to participate in strategic forums as well as actively voice your opinion. More importantly people respect your viewpoints and do not discount them because you are "new." At first I was intimidated by Intel's size and was concerned that I would simply be one more person who reported to work each day. Intel's structure provides ample opportunity for each and every employee to find a niche in which they feel most comfortable and contribute most effectively.

Why did you choose Intel?

I graduated with my MBA in the middle of the dot com bubble. I was looking for a company that promoted active change and provided a challenging environment while at the same time insuring economic stability for my family and me. Intel has been around for 30 years, always managing to stay at the edge of technological innovation. Their benefits and pay structure was such that when things are good, everybody is rewarded and when things are bad, people still keep their jobs. The latest downturn and the explosion of the dot com bubble have confirmed the fact that my decision was right.

What do you do for fun?

As of late, my free time has been devoted to my 19 month old daughter and my newborn daughter. My wife and I also love traveling and visiting people across the U.S. I am a self-proclaimed "techno-geek" who enjoys exploring all the latest electronics gadgets and, as my wife claims, spending more time at the electronics stores than the average person does.

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