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Careers and Profiles, Software Engineering, Personal Profile
Personal Profile

What do you do at Intel?

I work as a system engineer in Intel´┐Ż Technology Poland, a part of Intel Communications Group. My site is a research and development center, focused on developing building blocks for network systems. I am a member of an architecture team engaged in a cross-site project, Intel's base solution for new product lines in next-generation networks.

What qualifications did you need?

In 1999 I received a MS degree in computer science from the Technical University of Gdansk. The Intel Technology Poland site tightly cooperates with the local university and supports education with funding for laboratory equipment and sponsoring scientific scholarships for talented students. No wonder that most young hires come from the university and students consider Intel the employer of choice.

What is your favorite thing about working at Intel?

In my opinion, the most appealing thing is the technology leadership. Working at Intel you always participate in projects that are targeting future solutions. This is a very challenging task, as it requires understanding new market opportunities. Yet, it gives you an opportunity to learn many new technologies and take part in creating new development trends.

What is also very important is one of Intel's core values — a great place to work. The company culture promotes people who are open, respect each other and work as a team to achieve Intel's goals. Even if they present opposite views than me, we always try to find a common solution in a collaborative way, often having much fun with that.

What is most challenging about your job?

The most challenging part of network communications is that the market environment changes very fast. What we are developing now will appear on the market in a few years and during this time many new opportunities will arise. For that reason, it is necessary to track all the new development trends and constantly improve our knowledge. It is not an easy task, but it gives you a lot of satisfaction.

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