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Diversity at Intel, Employee Programs
Resources That Sharpen Skills and Expand Minds
Employee Programs At Intel, growth and learning opportunities don't end when you leave the office. Intel employee programs like Intel University, multicultural training, mentoring, and a wide range of employee groups provide employees with exciting ways to gain knowledge, sharpen skills, meet new people and have fun.

Intel University
Enroll in Intel University — a popular training organization offering courses on developing management capabilities, strengthening culture and values and enhancing organizational skills.

Learn more about the rewarding experience designed to enhance skills, broaden personal networks and improve leadership.

Multicultural Training
Explore a program featuring culture-specific training courses aimed at developing skills that enable employees to operate effectively in a variety of cultures.

Tuition Reimbursement
Find out about Intel's program to encourage education by assisting with tuition for job-related education courses.

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Intel University

Intel employees can learn and apply new skills at Intel University, an internal training organization offering over 7,000 career development courses. Here, employees can choose from a wide range of courses that are taught in a classroom setting, and that cover topics ranging from developing new management skills to strengthening culture and values to enhancing personal organization. From gaining exceptional knowledge to help them personally, to attaining critical skills to help them excel professionally in the Intel workplace, employees have a rare opportunity to benefit from the Intel University mission: to research, develop, deliver and embed key organization and people development practices worldwide that positively impact Intel's business.

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The Intel Mentoring program was established to help Intel develop and retain a diverse workforce. This voluntary program gives employees the unique experience of acting as a mentor to a fellow employee at Intel. This program provides an avenue for competency and skill development to support ongoing career growth. All employees and managers with more than one year at Intel are able to participate in this program. Employees who participate in the Intel Mentoring program receive rewarding benefits, including:

  • Improved leadership and coaching skills.
  • Recognition for expertise.
  • Enjoyment watching their partner enhance skills and succeed at Intel.
  • A broadened personal network within Intel.
  • Visible business results from an expanding and deepening skill base.

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Multicultural Training

In order to compete successfully in a worldwide business environment, employees need to build skills that enable them to operate effectively in a variety of cultural settings and contexts. Whether traveling and working internationally or interfacing worldwide via phone and electronic media, employees need to increase their ability to communicate transnationally. Multicultural training consists of culture-specific training courses focusing on understanding how business is conducted internationally and how business differs across cultures. The objective of this training is to develop the knowledge, awareness and skills to ensure effectiveness and productivity and to identify strategies for successfully doing business in other countries and with people from other countries.

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Tuition Reimbursement

At Intel, constant learning is important. That's why we encourage employees to continue their formal education as part of their professional development by providing financial assistance for work-related courses. Intel provides financial assistance for the cost of resident and non-resident tuition, required textbooks, and certain fees associated with work-related courses or courses required to complete a work-related degree. Both full-time and part-time employees are eligible for tuition reimbursement.

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