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Jobs at Intel - Europe - Middle East - Africa, Benefits and Compensation

Intel provides a comprehensive benefits and compensation package that includes stock, bonuses, and other benefits in addition to your annual salary.

Benefits and Compensation.
Stock Option Plan
Employees may receive stock options based on past performance levels and anticipated future contributions. All employees are eligible for stock option consideration. An employee who receives a stock option has the right to purchase a certain amount of Intel stock at a set price during a specified time in the future.

Stock Participation Plan
The Stock Participation Plan has traditionally been a very rewarding benefit. It allows employees to own part of the company by purchasing Intel stock at a price at least 15% lower than market value. Employees may invest up to 10% of their pay in this plan.

Employee Cash Bonus Plan
The Employee Cash Bonus Plan (ECBP) ties employee rewards directly to the company's financial performance. Twice a year, employees receive a cash bonus based on corporate pre-tax profits.

Employee Bonus
In addition to the ECBP, the Employee Bonus is a variable pay program for all non-commissioned, regular Intel employees worldwide. Once a year a payout is determined based on the employee's bonus target, the financial performance of the Corporation, and the performance of the employee's business group against preset goals.

Other Benefits
Intel may also provide the following benefits depending on the country you work in: pension plan, private medical insurance, life insurance, annual paid leave, and business travel accident insurance.  

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