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Jobs at Intel - India, Intel Locations

In India, Intel started its presence as a sales and marketing operation in November 1988. Today, we have over 800 employees of largely engineering talent, doing design and development in both in software and hardware. This accelerated growth is propelled by India's developmental centre bringing world-class solutions to enable Intel to become the preeminent building block supplier for the worldwide Internet economy.

Intel India Development Centre
Developmental Focus
100 Percent e-Corporation by 2004
A Great Place to Work
Intel India in the Community

Intel Locations

Intel India Development Centre
Beginning operations in March 1999, the Intel India Development Centre (IIDC) mission is to grow and sustain a design/development capability that delivers high-quality, cost-effective solutions for all major Intel divisions.

Chartered to provide leading-edge solutions that give Intel the competitive advantage in the marketplace, the IIDC is tapping into the large pool of India's engineering talent to deliver solutions that drive industry standards.

Last year, a total of 14 invention disclosures (8 of them accepted by the Intellectual Committee for patent filing) showcased the technological expertise of our world-class engineering talent. As Intel's largest non-manufacturing international site, this design centre plays a critical role in the company's research and design efforts.

For example, IIDC was responsible for the development of a network switch product Intel� IXE2424. This 2-year project, from concept to production, involved the entire cycle of architecture, validation, production testing and quality/reliability checks and software development.

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Developmental Focus
IIDC is the fast-track developmental centre that brings synergy across multiple divisions in India including:

  • Chip design
  • Communications software
  • Compilers
  • Digital signal processing
  • e-Business technologies and applications
  • Graphics drivers
  • Networking products
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Stack optimization

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100 Percent e-Corporation by 2004
IIDC supports four key areas to make Intel's vision of  "100% e-Corporation" a reality. The key design and developmental roles are:

  • Enterprise business computing
  • Finance and enterprise services
  • Supply chain applications
  • Sales and marketing applications

For example, IIDC has initiated a system that enables Intel to connect with our channel partners worldwide over the Internet. The IIDC also developed a materials planning system that enables Intel to assemble, test and ship hundreds of millions electronic components every year.

For our employees, an employee portal with a single worldwide employee database is a great part of what makes Intel a great place to work by enabling management and employee services tools available anytime, anywhere.

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A Great Place to Work
Intel India creates a workplace where inspiring ideas are rewarded. We respect, value and welcome diversity in its workforce, complying with all applicable laws and providing equal employment opportunities for all applicants. Whatever the career discipline, employees works with diverse teams of people from around the world to develop industry-leading technologies, making an impact each day.

In an environment that is open and direct, we promote performance, teamwork and results through open communication. At Intel, you continuously learn, develop and improve.

Intel knows our employees are our greatest assets. We realize this and we invest in the infrastructure that enables our world-class engineering workforce to operate in an environment that is inspiring. When fully operational by end-2002, a new $25 million development in Bangalore will house our software development and design centre accommodating up to 1,500 engineers.

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Intel India in the Community
Through wide-reaching programs such as Intel Involved and Intel� Innovation in Education, Intel is making a difference in the communities throughout the world. At Intel India, we care for the communities around us through these programs. These programs are unique in the fact that they are not donation programs but activities in which Intel employees invest time and efforts in long-term engagement to make a difference.

Intel Involved
Intel Involved is targeted at three segments of our society: environment, civic amenities and education. Projects like computer donation, teaching in schools, cultural events for orphanages and tree plantation are regularly conducted and aimed to benefit the community and educate people. Intel India enmployees spend time and effort in working with local government and non-governmental organization to participate in these activities for a better tomorrow.

Intel� Innovation in Education
Intel Innovation in Education is a multi-million dollar initiative that focuses on improving the quality of education in schools and colleges with special emphasis on science, mathematics and technology. Intel Innovation in Education comprises a range of education programs like Intel Teach to the Future, a development program helping classroom teachers learn and apply technology, and Intel� Science Talent Search, that aims to infuse a spirit of discovery among students.

Under this program, Intel Academic Relations works with the government of India and the premier engineering institutions to help develop outstanding technical graduates with excellent problem solving skills. This is done by providing engineering institutions with access to the latest technical know-how through technical lectures, sponsorship to faculty development and mentorship programs.


Learn more about the Intel India Development Centre.

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