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Jobs at Intel - Ukraine, Intel Locations

Intel Ukraine Microelectronics Inc. in Kiev serves as a sales and support centre for Ukraine and a number of Central and Eastern European Countries. Our operations in Ukraine are part of our Europe - Middle East - Africa Sales and Marketing organization.

Intel Locations
Intel Ukraine Microelectronics Inc. is focused on working with PC manufacturers and our distribution partners in Ukraine, Baltic States, Bulgaria, Belarus and Moldova. Intel Ukraine Microelectronics Inc. is also engaged in retail, education and government-related activities. Our highly motivated team of more than 20 employees work in sales and marketing, retail, and public relations.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Founded in the 5th century, Kiev was called Mother of Russian Cities, as it became capital of Kievan Rus, the Slavic super-state that existed from the 9th to the 11th centuries. Today Kiev features Gothic, Byzantine and Baroque architecture and art, reminders of the many foreign overlords who've left their mark on the country. Nearly every city and town in Ukraine has centuries-old cathedrals, open-air museums of folk architecture, and exquisite mosaics wherever you look.  






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