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Intel's steadily increasing investment in R&D shows our strong commitment to continuing our technology leadership. In 2002, we've allocated over $4 billion to pursue the technologies of tomorrow.

These are the types of problems we work on at Intel Labs. Instead of research for research's sake, we pursue technologies that will lead to new, next-generation products satisfying real customer needs.

How do we know these needs? Intel anthropologists, psychologists and social scientists study people in their natural environments homes, offices, stores, clinics, schools looking for ways technology could enhance all aspects of life. (See Research: Real People, Real Lives.)

The way we organize our research efforts is different, too. Our 6,000 researchers and scientists are distributed in over 80 labs located in universities and cities around the world. That way we can tackle a broader range of research projects and more precisely align them with our business units to bring products to market faster.

Does this approach work? Intel patents tell the story. In 2000, our 800 patents put us in the top 20 of all companies issued U.S. patents. (Read more.)

Featured R&D Groups
  Microprocessor Research Labs
Helping shape the future of computing, communications and networking.
  Technology and Manufacturing Group
Discovering new technologies for making faster, more efficient products out of silicon.
  Intel Research
Making computers and other devices a more natural part of our everyday lives.

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