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Intel® UPnP* Software Development Kit

...Researchers are hard at work finding ways to take the concept of remote control...well beyond changing TV channels. Residents of the networked homes of the future will be able to turn up the heat, start appliances and watch for intruders, using a single wireless device.
"Intel Envisions the Ultimate Remote-Controlled Home," NewsFactor Network, April 17, 2002
Create more affordable and easy-to-use home networking, connected, and portable products with the Intel® Universal Plug and Play (UPnP*) Software Development Kit (SDK)!

  Download Intel UPnP SDKs for Linux* and for mobile devices based on Microsoft Pocket PC* and Pocket PC 2002 operating systems.

*  Consumers Want Simple Connectivity
*  UPnP Technology Builds in Easy Connectivity
*  Consumers Get Easy-to-Use Connected Products
*  Mobile Opportunities: Extending the Reach of Handheld Devices   


Consumers Want Simple Connectivity
Industry forecasts continue to report strong growth and demand for high-speed Internet access and portable, smart devices in the home. Yet, the complexity of digital components and networking hinders the parallel increase in new, affordable, and convenient connected products into people's homes and small businesses.

Consumers require simple products that work easily with each other, without any technical knowledge of "gadgetware" on their part.

Specifically, developers must provide consumers with products and services that free them from thinking about network:

  • configuration(s)
  • setup
  • maintenance
  • software or Internet protocols

Personal technology providers need to quickly deliver ease-of-use, or risk missing the window of opportunity for the home and small business market segment.

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UPnP SDK Goes Mobile
Now you can build wireless, mobile devices capable of controlling personal home networks from inside or outside the home! Download the Intel UPnP SDK at the Intel® PCA Developer Network, "Software Downloads."
Note: Download requires free registration for the Intel PCA Developer Network.

Emerging Mobile Opportunities
Read a technical article describing different scenarios of how Intel PCA and the UPnP SDK can work together to enable compelling, and currently unrealized, products and services for global mobile users. (.pdf, 34KB)


UPnP Technology Builds in Easy Connectivity
The clear need for interoperable, reliable and easy-to-use connected products is making Universal Plug and Play support a 'must-have' feature of Internet access and home networking products. Developed in Intel Labs, the Intel UPnP SDK V. 1.0 for Linux offers developers:
  • A quick, low-cost tool for integrating UPnP technology.
  • Royalty-free use of Intel-developed source code.
  • Interoperability with UPnP implementations on Windows*.
  • The opportunity to speed time-to-market of UPnP-compliant products.
For detail about the features of the SDK, go to Technical Overview. Among several features, this SDK includes:

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Consumers Get Easy-to-Use Connected Products
The Intel UPnP SDK V. 1.0 for Linux enables the industry to bring easy-to-use connectivity to the market faster. Consumers, whether home users or small business owners, benefit in different ways:

  • They can purchase exciting and convenient connected products and services sooner.
  • They can install, operate and maintain their purchases with little concern for the mechanics of networking.

Industry solutions based on open specifications have the additional benefit of ultimately offering consumers more reliable choices, at a lower cost.

By supporting an open environment and making it easier and faster to build easy connectivity into common electronic devices, Intel Labs is helping make the e-Home and e-Business a reality for the general population.

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Mobile Opportunities: Extending the Reach of Handheld Devices
Mobile, handheld device manufacturers are facing significant challenges:

  • Intense global competition
  • A 2001 decline of worldwide mobile phone sales reportedly a first for that industry (Gartner Dataquest*, 2002)
  • Increased pressure on profit margins
  • A convergence of telephony devices (e.g. cell phones) and PDAs (personal digital assistants)
Manufacturers are searching for new ways to increase their products' power, appeal, and functionality. They must differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market segment. Intel Labs believes that hardware and software application developers given a powerful platform, a set of development tools, and an opportunity to gain market segment share can create compelling content and services that these device manufacturers need.

The Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA) provides the powerful and open platform; the Intel UPnP SDK provides the set of development tools.

The Intel UPnP SDK designed for Pocket PC-based devices can bring new and higher levels of personal control, coordination, and flexibility to home owners facing potential "gadget overload." Using this SDK, for instance, software developers might create a cell phone that acts like a TV remote control. You could use this new cell phone to control all of the devices on your home network, manage multimedia content throughout your house, and create personal networks with other wireless devices. Best of all, you could do all of this inside your house or out your choice!

Explore the possibilities; read "Using UPnP Technology to Extend the Reach of Handheld Devices Simplifying the Network" (.pdf, 700KB). This is a white paper that illustrates several of these new, and currently unrealized, conveniences for connected people on the go. Find more background information in the April 2002 announcement.

Start building the future of personal wireless devices enabled by the Intel UPnP SDK!

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**All information provided related to future Intel® products and plans is preliminary and subject to change at any time, without notice. No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted by this document. Except as provided in Intel's Terms and Conditions of Sale or License for such products, Intel assumes no liability whatsoever, and Intel disclaims any express or implied warranty, relating to sale and/or use of Intel products including liability or warranties relating to fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or infringement of any patent, copyright or other intellectual property right.


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