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Intel® UPnP* Software Development Kit

Other Resources

  1. SourceForge
    SourceForge is an independent Web site that facilitates the hosting of open source projects, including the Intel® Universal Plug and Play (UPnP*) Software Development Kit (SDK) V1.0 for Linux*.

  2. UPnP Forum
    Visit the UPnP Forum resource page for links to several related documents, including:

Related Intel Links
Explore related information within the Intel Labs and other Intel sites:

  1. Connectivity: Advanced Research and Development at Intel Labs
  2. Intel® AnyPoint" Home Networking
  3. Intel Asia Pacific, "Technology Home of the Future Today"
  4. Intel® Personal Client Architecture (Intel PCA) Developer Network
    • Intel UPnP SDK for Pocket-PC*-based mobile devices; downloadable under "Software Downloads."
    • Note: This download requires free registration for the Intel PCA Developer Network.
  5. Intel Home Computing
  6. Intel® Wireless Gateway

UPnP Related Acronyms

API   Application Programming Interface
DOM   Document Object Model
GENA   General Events Notification Architecture protocol
HTTP   Hypertext Transfer Protocol
IP   Internet Protocol
SOAP   Simple Object Access Protocol
SSDP   Simple Service Discovery Protocol
TCP   Transmission Control Protocol
UCP   User Control Point
UDP   User Datagram Protocol
XML   Extensible Markup Language


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