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April 2002, Expanding Moore's Law
Visit this page for a collection of white papers, video clips, presentations, and other resources about the "breakaway power of Moore's Law." Specific papers include:

March 2002, Intel Developer Update Magazine: February 28, 2002, Expanding Moore's Law
IDF Keynote (.pdf, 7.6MB)
Keynote transcript (html), and Webcast.
Keynote Speaker: Patrick Gelsinger

Fall 2001, Communications & Networking Leadership
IDF presentation (.pdf, 5MB)
Presenter: Kevin C. Kahn

September 2001, Intel Developer Update Magazine:

Q2 2001, Next-generation Networks and Communications (html)
Intel Technology Journal

June 2001, Designing the Network of the Future
White paper (html)

May 2001, New Initiatives in Peer-to-Peer Computing
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 27KB)

April 2001, Designing for Voice/Data Convergence in the Local Loop,
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 42KB)

February 2001, Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Computing, An
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 42KB)

2000, Internet and Broadcast: The Key to Digital Convergence
White paper (.pdf, 227KB)

2000, Why Consumers Want Digital Television
White paper (.pdf, 24KB)

2000, Why Embedded Intel Architecture in Communications?
White paper (html)

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Q2 2001, Open CPE Architecture: A Solution to the Delivery of Integrated Services over Broadband
Intel Technology Journal (.pdf, 201KB)

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April 2002, UPnP Applications Enhance Mobile Functionality
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 36KB)

March 2002, Using UPnP Technology to Extend the Reach of Handheld Devices: Simplifying the Network
White paper (.pdf, 700KB)

January 2002, The Advantages of the UPnP Internet Gateway Device
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 34KB)

December 2001, USB: Expanding the Port Count for Desktop Boards
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 30KB)

August 2001, Intel Developer Update Magazine:

July 2001, Intel Developer Update Magazine Back to Top

Mobile and Wireless

March 2002, Future of Mobile Computing Four Vectors of Mobility
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 30K)

March 2002, Performance and Power Savings with New Applications Processors
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 30K)

October 2001, Developing 2.5G and 3G Cell Phones with Symbian OS and Intel® Platform
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 40K)

October 2001, Running and Grimacing: The Struggle for Balance in Mobile Work
White paper (.pdf, 72KB)

October 2001, Seamless Mobility Across Heterogeneous Networks: Intel Introduces Adapter Switching Software
White paper (.pdf, 37KB)

Q3 2001, Indoor Wireless Communications: Capacity and Coexistence on the Unlicensed Bands (html)
Intel Technology Journal

July 2001, PC+Consumer Electronics: the e-Home Wireless Convergence
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 50KB)

June 2001, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives for the Intel StrongARM* SA-1110 Microprocessor, Version 1.01, Reference Manual (.pdf, 28MB)

June 2001, Putting it All Together: Intel's "Wireless-Internet-on a-Chip,"
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 38KB)

Q2 2001, Intel Technology Journal

March 2001, Intel Developer Update Magazine January 2001, Intel's Many Roles in the Wireless Internet
Intel backgrounder (html)

2001, Wireless Technologies in Education
Case studies from Intel Innovation in Education (html)

Oct 2000, Wireless Data
National Communications Forum
Presenter: Patrick Reilly

September 2000, Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture, The
White paper (.pdf, 4MB)

Fall 2000, Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture for Wireless Devices, The
Intel technical brief (.pdf, 62KB)

Q2 2000, Wireless Communications and Mobility (html)
Intel Technology Journal

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Network Management and Processing

March 2002, Simplifying Support of New Network Services Using COPS-PR
White paper (.pdf, 140KB)

November 2001, A New Paradigm for Policy-Based Network Control
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 46KB)

October 2001, New Network Processors for Next-Generation Networks
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 56KB)

2001, Enabling Differentiated Services Using Standards-Based
Policy Management

White paper (.pdf, 36KB)

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December 2001,Four Ethernet Transitions: The New Way to Network
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 60KB)

Fall 2001, iSCSI: The Future of Network Storage
White paper (.pdf)

September 2001, Breakthrough Performance for Intelligent Internet Storage
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 40KB)

March 2001, Serial ATA The Long-Term Solution for Storage Connectivity
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 56KB)

August 2000, Serial ATA: An Evolutionary Transition
Intel Developer Update Magazine (.pdf, 56KB)

To find more storage documentation, go here.

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Publications List
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