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Intel Labs continues to pioneer new graphics and media technologies that ultimately enable people to enjoy dynamic and exciting images, video, audio and other digital media more easily and quickly.
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Intel Labs strives to enable regular people, not just "techies," to enjoy and easily use rich digital media whether that be images, games, audio, video, Web content, or other emerging forms of media. One strategy to achieve that goal is to create, develop, and deploy powerful, scalable, and cost-effective tools for a wide range of developers and content creators in the software, entertainment, Web, and graphic arts fields.

Expanding 3D graphic technology is one of the most recent advancement areas for Intel Labs. Light Field Mapping (LFM), announced and demonstrated at the 2001 SIGGRAPH conference, simulates how light reflects off objects, allowing computer game designers and other animators to produce much more life-like 3D images and scenes. LFM technology not only improves 3D image quality, but also makes the creation process less time consuming, and therefore, less expensive to produce.

Another strategy to deploy advanced 3D software technology is to work with leading digital media companies. Macromedia and Intel, for example, teamed to develop Intel® 3D Software Technologies, which are incorporated in Director* 8.5 Shockwave* Studio. Read how Intel Labs technology is helping developers and designers "bring Web 3D to the mainstream." The Shockwave Player, installed on over 200 million systems, also uses Intel Labs' dynamic 3D rendering engine. This technology enables people to experience more realistic and faster 3D on the Web.

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