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August 26, 2002,

Check this page regularly for industry news and Intel press releases about our latest technology advances and research developments. Use the links in the right-hand column to choose news for a single technology area.

For a complete listing of Intel press releases, visit the Intel Press Room.

Read the latest news and press about Intel innovation and technology leadership.
Panel Asks U.S. to Double Engineering R&D Funds
August 29, 2002, EE Times.
Intel Developer Forum Preview
August 27, 2002, ExtremeTech.
Intel to Highlight Banias, 3.0GHz P4, Mobile Devices
August 27, 2002, InfoWorld.
Intel's Pentium 4 2.80GHz - Moving to the Head of the Class
August 26, 2002, AnandTech.
New Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors Allow PC Users To Unleash Higher Levels Of Creativity And Business Productivity August 26, 2002, Intel press release.
General Intel R and D News

Panel Asks U.S. to Double Engineering R&D Funds
August 28, 2002, EE Times, George Leopold.
..."The physical sciences have been left behind," said Pcast member Gordon Moore, chairman emeritus of Intel Corp.

The Age of Assisted Cognition
August 15, 2002, Wired, Mark Baard.
Pervasive computing's earliest adapters will be old people, according to medical experts and AI gurus at a conference here hosted by Intel Research.

Cornell Joins Forces with Dell, Intel, and Microsoft to Expand Usage of High Performance Cluster Computing in the Corporate Data Center
August 5, 2002, Cornell Theory Center press release.
Cornell Theory Center (CTC) today announced an agreement with Dell, Intel, and Microsoft to develop and deliver CTC High-Performance Solutions, a suite of industry standards-based high-performance computing (HPC) solutions and services for business, government and academic clients.

Wireless Sensors From Berkeley, Intel Help Conservation Biologists Monitor Elusive Maine Seabird
August 5, 2002, University of California, Berkeley press release.
...But starting Monday (Aug. 5), biologists and petrel buffs around the world will be able to monitor a popular breeding site in real time through the Internet while sitting comfortably in front of their computers.

Intel Developer Forum Set for Sept. 9-12 in San Jose, California
July 24, 2002, Intel Media Alert.
...Nearly two dozen educational tracks will cover a wide range of technologies, such as 802.11a/b, optical networking, PCI Express*, InfiniBand*, Gigabit Ethernet and Serial ATA.

Stigmatizing Business
July 16, 2002, Washington, Andrew S. Grove.
I grew up in Communist Hungary.

Intel Co-founder Moore to Get Presidential Award
July 5, 2002, EBN, Jack Robertson.
Gordon Moore, chairman emeritus of Intel Corp., will be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bush at a White House ceremony Tuesday, July 9.

Divide and Conquer
Note: print issue only; no online version available.
June 24, 2002, Forbes Magazine, J.C Herz.
...But complex multidisciplinary problems, like nanotechnology research, require new approaches and a new culture of inquiry.

AI to Assist Alzheimer's Patients
June 24, 2002, Wired, Mark Baard.
Researchers in artificial intelligence today are beginning a race to offset an epidemic of age-related memory loss.

Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom Announced
June 20, 2002, U.S. Department of State announcement.
The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the Nation's highest civilian honor. (Gordon Moore is among 2002 recipients.)

Looking Ahead: Patrick Gelsinger, Vice President, CTO, Intel
June 2002, CRN, 20th Anniversary Issue, Kelley Damore.
As Intel CTO, Pat Gelsinger leads the vendor's Corporate Technology Group, which encompasses many Intel research activities, including Intel Labs and Intel Research.

Get Real, Get an Ethnographer
Note: Free online registration required to view.
June 2002, PC PRO Magazine, Tim Danton.
...This strangely named band of people is employed by Intel, and others, to gain a better understanding of the technological world in which we live, not to mention the one in which we're going to live.

Moore's Law Extended
Note: Registration required to view.
June 2002, Computers Today, R. Srinivas.
Intel plans to apply Moore�s Law to marry digital logic functionality and silicon-based opto-electronic devices on a single chip. Should we get ready to don "smart clothing" in "intelligent farmlands"?

How We Use Our Mobile Devices
May 30, 2002,, Suzi Kerridge.
Intel boffins aren't often found on the number 73 bus from London's Victoria station to Tottenham but that's where they have been conducting research into the use of mobile devices.

Intel Expands European R&D Operations
May 28, 2002, Intel press release.
Intel Corporation today announced an agreement to conduct microprocessor research and development at the Universitat Polit�cnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain.

No Lie: Science Fair Winner Is Not Typical or a Nerd
May 26, 2002, Washington Post, Emily Wax.
...Actually, Scott's project isn't exactly the standard science fair winner, either. He has come up with a kind of polygraph test that detects increases in facial heat with a high-powers infrared camera to determine if a subject is lying.

Nanotechnology, Microsystems Will Bring us Back to the Future
May 10, 2002, Small Times, Electronic Business, Stephen Lawton.
Electronic paper. Sure. Flexible computer screens. Sounds good. Internet-enabled cereal boxes. Say what?

How Small is the Future?
May 9, 2002, The Economic Times, R. Subramanyam.
How long will Moore�s Law last?

Intel Promotes Innovations Through its Labs
May 6, 2002, The Economic Times, R. Subramanyam.
However, not many know that Intel Labs conceived the universal serial bus (USB) standard, helped establish ethernet the most widely-installed local area network technology and created the world�s first Dram (direct random access memory) integrated circuit.

Intel Honors Excellence In Science Teaching
April 30, 2002, Intel press release.
...The high school teachers, from China, the Philippines and the U.S., were recognized for their excellence in teaching science.

Students Awarded $530,000 at Intel Science Talent Search
March 11, 2002, Science Service Organization press release.
Ten of the nation's brightest high school seniors received scholarships of up to $100,000 today at the Intel Science Talent Search (STS), America's oldest and most prestigious science competition.

Top Ten Technology Innovators: John Crawford
February 27, 2002, InfoWorld, David Neel.
John Crawford always had a hunch he would work on the cutting edge of technology.

Inside Intel: From Silicon to the World
February 14, 2002, AnandTech, Anand Lal Shimpi.
...The fact of the matter is that Intel is as driven by innovation as they are by engineering and in order to get an idea of what exactly goes on inside Intel, we made a trip up to the Intel Labs in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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