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Intel Labs continues to advance new ways to help computer manufacturers manage power more efficiently, reduce system costs, and improve performance.
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Intel Labs is working to meet the challenges of extending Moore's Law and making powerful computing devices smaller, lighter and more convenient. Key platform components involved in this effort are:
  • Cooling technologies and thermal management
  • Power management, emphasizing
    • Lower power consumption
    • Extended battery life
  • Next-generation interconnects
  • Software and system optimizations
  • New form factors

Intel Labs also works closely with the computing industry to create, develop and deploy several of these next-generation platform components. For example, Intel is a key contributor to the 3rd-Generation Input/Output (3GIO) specification. This draft specification was announced in August 2001 as "Arapahoe" by the PCI-SIG (Peripheral Component Interconnect Special Interest Group). This new generation of interconnect technology costs less and has higher bandwidth capability to meet the demands of emerging and more powerful desktop, mobile, server and embedded communications applications. For more information on 3GIO, read the PCI-SIG announcement.

Instantly Available PC (IAPC) is an Intel Labsdeveloped technology that earned an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2000 Climate Protection Award (.pdf). IAPC helps OEMs design PCs that exceed the requirements of all existing and proposed power management standards. Discover more here.

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