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Intel® Express Hubs
Product Discontinuation Statement

Pursuant to our original announcement in November, 2000, Intel is discontinuing the following Intel® Express" Hubs products: Intel® Express" Hubs ( 140 / 330 )

Intel plans to provide the discontinued Intel Express Hubs to Intel distributors based on availability through June 30, 2002. For any questions regarding product availability post June 30, 2002, please contact your local distributor or reseller. Intel is committed to customer support and this announcement will not affect current product warranties and service contracts for any discontinued product.

Intel continues to invest in the development and innovation of key communication and networking products and technologies, specifically Ethernet (client, server, switching and optical) and network processing building blocks (voice-packet, telecommunications and network processing).

For any questions regarding these statements, please contact your Intel sales or VAR representative.

Question and Answer:

Q1: Will Intel honor the various product warranties, including those that have "limited lifetime" warranties?

A1: Intel is committed to customer support and will honor all product warranties. For the latest information on how your product warranty is being administered, please visit website or call Intel Customer Support in your geography.

Q2: If I buy one of the discontinued products today, will they be supported in the future?

A2: Yes, Intel plans to provide free technical troubleshooting information via our online services even after interactive support via Intel technicians is discontinued. Please refer to for information to find out the latest on customer support for each product line.

Q3: Which Intel® Express" and NetStructure" products are affected by this product discontinuance?
A3: Intel® Express" Hubs ( 140 / 330)

Turn up network performance while continuing to make the most of your existing infrastructure. Intel® Express Hubs provide a flexible and affordable solution for integrating Fast Ethernet into networks of all sizes and levels of complexity.


Intel® Express 140T Standalone Hub
Supporting 10/100 auto-sensing per port, this hub is rack-mountable and available in 16- and 24-port versions. Two units can be daisy-chained together to support up to 46 ports.

Intel® 330T Stackable Hub
For more complex, evolving networks, the Intel® 330T Stackable Hub provides greater flexibility and management for migrating to Fast Ethernet. You can easily grow a mixed-bandwidth network by stacking up to five 16- and 24-port hubs with 10/100 auto-sensing ports for a maximum of 120 ports. Each unit is only 1.75 inches high (44.5 mm). Add optional modules to expand network diameter or to manage the entire stack as a single unit using Intel® Device View.
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Express Hub Support

Intel® Express 330T
Stackable Hub

Intel® Express 140T
Standalone Hub


10/100 Mbps auto-sensing

per port

per port

10/100 segment switching



Maximum Port Density

Single unit

16- or 24-ports

16- or 24-ports

Daisy-chained (2 units)

Up to 46-ports

Up to 46-ports

Stacked (up to 5 units)



Single unit

1 RU
44.5mm (1.75 inches)

1.25 RU
55mm (2.375 inches)

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