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Products   Communications: Networking, Telecommunications, Wireless  
Intel(r) Network Connectivity Mobile Adapters

802.11a Multimedia Presentation
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Intel� Network Adapter Selector

Fast, reliable connections for your mobile PC
Reliable high-speed connections with encryption offloading for greater LAN security.
Choose a LAN card for local network connections, a modem card for remote access, or a combo card for both.
32-bit and 16-bit models.
Wired and wireless network connectivity options.

Type III Mobile Adapters

These integrated Type III mobile adapters feature built-in connectors — so there's nothing to break, nothing to lose. more>

Type III Modular Mobile Adapters

Use these Type III mobile adapters one at a time as single-function PC cards or in pairs to create the exact connector combination you need. more>

Type II Mobile Adapters

Network connections for mobile PCs that need a standard Type II (single slot) design. more>

Wireless Adapters

Get rid of all those troublesome cables and wirelessly access the information you need when and where you need it. more>
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How to Buy -- Access Sales Info