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Intel® Network Connectivity
From Gigabit Ethernet to Virtual Private Networking, a host of technologies are shaping today's networksand tomorrow's. Intel can help you add to your knowledge about the technologies that interest you.

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Adaptive Load Balancing to Gigabit

A solution for high-performance servers running business critical applications where high throughput is as important as avoiding downtime. This Intel technology balances data transmission across multiple adapters. Find out how you can use Adaptive Loading Balancing to increase server bandwidth and balance outgoing traffic in 100 Mbps increments up to 400 Mbps.

Adaptive Technology

A silicon-based solution that dynamically adjusts performance-related features in network adapters and switches to help maintain peak performance as the network environment changes. Learn how you can employ devices using Adaptive Technology to improve the performance of your network.

Alert on LAN*

A hardware feature that enables immediate alerts when clients experience hardware or operating system failuresor when there is evidence of tamperingeven if a system is powered off or the operating system is absent. A growing number of PC and server manufacturers now offer Alert on LAN. Discover how it can help lower total cost of ownership and increase system uptime.

Differentiated Services

Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS) mechanisms, such as Differentiated Services (DS), provide building blocks for policy-based network management and prioritizing resources to requirements.

Fast Ethernet

An industry standard since early 1995. Fast Ethernet operates at ten times the speed of regular Ethernet, giving evolving networks room for growth. Find out the best strategy for making this migration incrementally and cost efficiently on your existing Ethernet network.

Fault Tolerance

Network links to a corporate or departmental server are the location of bottlenecks or failures that can hamper productivity for large numbers of users. Find out how Intel's Adapter Fault Tolerance technology provides transparent backup links to supply a more dependable network connection.

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet provides an effective, cost-sensitive option for Ethernet and Fast Ethernet-based networks needing additional bandwidth. Learn how this technology can be used to accommodate increases in desktop processing power, the deployment of bandwidth-hungry applications, and user access to new media format such as multi-media, video, intranets and the Internet.

LAN on Motherboard

A network connection has become a necessity for PC users in today's corporations. Discover how an Intel Fast Ethernet connection installed onto the motherboard (instead of through an adapter) can deliver high performance and free up a PCI slot for use with other peripherals.

PCI Hotplug*

Developed by Compaq, this technology allows a failed server adapter to be removed and replaced from the server without powering down the system. To ensure easy servicing and maximum server uptime, choose network adapters supporting this new standard.

Wake on LAN*

Wake on LAN is an industry standard providing the ability to remotely "power on" systems. Enabling tasks like software upgrades and virus scans to be accomplished after hours and performed remotely, Wake on LAN reduces costly downtime during normal working hours. Find out how to implement this valuable technology on your network.


Virtual LANs (VLANs) enable more flexible and logical network segmentation without regard to physical location. Learn how you can use VLANs to limit the distribution of broadcast, multicast and unicast traffic to free up bandwidth, ease manageability during network change and reduce the need for expensive and complicated routing between switched networks.

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