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Intel® Network Connectivity
Gigabit Solutions

increase productivity by building scalable Gigabit performance into your network

For anyone who depends on the fast, efficient flow of information, Intel offers its leadership in advanced networking technology to provide solutions that boost performance into the Gigabit realm. Intel's Gigabit products are based on similar technology to Fast Ethernet for network compatibility. And they're scalable, so they can be phased in as needed. The result: fewer bottlenecks, greater productivity and more powerful e-Business capabilities.


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Discover how Gigabit solutions are deployed in a real network

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Gigabit Ethernet Technology and Solutions white paper, PDF
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Maximizing Your Servers Performance Through Multiple Gigabit Connections, PDF
Case Study: Survivor* Australia, PDF
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Gigabit Ethernet over Copper Deployment Guide

1 US and Canada only
2 eTesting Labs, September 2000.

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How to Buy -- Access Sales Info