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Best of Test Award Winner-- Again!

According to NetworkWorld*, Intel earned the top nod again citing: "For the second year, Intel 's LANDesk Management Suite topped a half-dozen competitors... besting products that help migrate desktop personalities to new PCs and assist with application installation."

NetworkWorld Best of the Tests

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November 12, 2001

"Intel Enhances Desktop Management Tool"

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September 28, 2001


"Intel Plans Upgrades To LANDesk"

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Computer Reseller News (CRN)
September 28, 2001


"We deemed LANDesk to be, once again, the best overall choice...and includes things not found in the competitors' offerings...LANDesk is by far the most versatile when it comes to client support."
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Blue Ribbon Award Logo

Blue Ribbon Award
April 9, 2001
"The LANDesk Management Suite from Intel offers the most complete set of system management features the Test Center has seen, all wrapped up in an interface that is deceptively easy to use."
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Computer Reseller News (CRN)
December 31, 2000
"I can sit here in my office in Ogden, Utah, and completely overhaul a machine in Omaha, Nebraska, and reboot it", Oliverson said. "This has the potential to save us massive amounts of time and money."
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InternetWeek logo

November 20, 2000
"Intel's LANDesk Management Suite topped the five other desktop management products tested with a total score of 7.6. Coopee gave it kudos for its excellent client support, antivirus capabilities, and well-rounded software and hardware inventory, remote control, software distribution and license metering services."
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Best of Tests Award logo

Best of the Tests Award
November 13, 2000
"�Intel�s LANDesk also impressed us with its breadth of client support for all Windows * platforms, DOS * , OS/2 * , Macintosh * , and NetWare * servers, including inventory support for Linux * systems."
Blue Ribbon Award Logo

Blue Ribbon Award
January 31, 2000
"�In addition to its best-of-breed Web console, its 32-bit administration leads the category in performance and feature richness."
"�For resellers walking into an unmanaged, multi-platform environment, LANDesk is undoubtedly the most complete product to deploy and opens up repeat revenue potential."
"For systems management software, the CRN Test Center gave its Editors� Choice award to LANDesk Management Suite 6.3 from Intel Corp. While all of the reviewed products deliver rich, Web-based management and inventory assistance, only Intel�s product serves mixed system environments, including DOS * , OS/2 * , and Macintosh * workstations, as well as up-and-comer Linux * systems."
"By far the most complete and useful systems management tool for VARs and resellers is Intel LANDesk Management Suite 6.3. With nearly as much functionality as its 32-bit console, Intel�s browser-based interface offers more functionality than others while maintaining an intuitive look and feel. The versatility and control offered by LANDesk make it a must-have for VARs seeking to manage client LANs."

Computer Reseller News
Editor�s Choice Award
January 3, 2000
"...LANDesk provides more depth in desktop management than you�ll find in the enterprise packages, and many shops will want to employ LANDesk along with higher-end network management tools. LANDesk is slightly less expensive than enterprise management suites, so if you don�t need the higher-end network and application analysis tools, you can save a lot by opting for LANDesk."
  Federal Computer Week
November 15, 1999

"Shoot-Out evaluator picks a winner in LANDesk"
"LANDesk reports have made it a snap to report on PC hardware and software assets, something Morrison Knudsen�s IT department had a much harder time doing before LANDesk was implemented."
Update from PC Week Corporate Partner Morrison Knudsen Corp. after choosing Intel LANDesk Management Suite in April 1999.
"PC Week featured a shootout in desktop/mobile management at Morrison Knudsen in Boise, Idaho. In the Shoot-Out Intel LANDesk Management Suite swept the competition..."
"LANDesk Management Suite has a well-thought-out architecture, intuitive interface and broad back-end database support, making the Intel package the best overall performer in Shoot-Out Tests. The Suite effectively distributes management load to different servers, and machines can be grouped, making it usable for managing thousands of PCs. LANDesk is the only product tested in the Shoot-Out that has a Web-based console, providing full...remote control and access to inventory information via the Web."

Shoot-Out Update logoPC Week Shoot-Out Update
November 9, 1999

Shoot-Out logo PC Week
Shoot-Out Winner
April 19, 1999


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