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Development Support
Development Support

The Intel� Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel� PCA) Developer Network helps speed development by providing you with a solid foundation in Intel PCA technology. Development support includes Intel PCA Development Kits, a baseline of tools designed to accelerate the development of products and applications based on Intel PCA building blocks.

Software Technologies and Solutions
Application developers targeting Intel PCA platforms can leverage a wide variety of software technologies and solutions available now from independent software vendors and Intel Corporation. More

Software Downloads
The Downloads page is your gateway for accessing a number of Intel resources and a select few third-party resources for the development of Intel PCA-based solutions. Be sure to check back often for updates, tools, and drivers to speed your product development. More

Intel� PCA Development Kits
Intel PCA Development Kits enable hardware and software developers and system integrators immediately begin developing, porting, and optimizing applications for the Intel PCA platform. The kits provide a robust development environment with separate application and wireless communications subsystems, with extensive operating-system and peripheral support. More

Intel� PCA Building Block Support
Click here for the latest development support on Intel� PCA Application processors, Intel� Integrated Performance Primitive libraries, Intel� Flash memory, and Intel� Telematics.

Comprehensive documentation includes product and technology briefs, application notes, and developer case studies. More

Intel Labs Advanced Technology Development Support
Collaboration in the development of advanced mobile and wireless technologies is critical. Here you'll find key industry players working toward a common goal�to integrate technologies into real applications and products for consumers. At Intel Labs, you'll have access to building blocks and advanced technologies that will help make the next generation of wireless experiences a reality. More

Learn how Intel PCA enables your wireless solution. More.
Intel® Flash memory meets the needs of the wireless industry.
Intel and Symbian to Deliver Data-Enabled Mobile Phone Platform
Palm OS for the Intel� DBPXA250 Development Platform
Intel software improves performance of applications across PC, Server and Wireless architecture.
Intel� Integrated Performance Promotoves 2.0 adds more operating system and multimedia application support.
Intel� XScale� Technology Based Processors Bring Advanced Power and Performance to Wireless Monitors.
Download the Intel UPnP SDK and start building wireless, mobile devices capable of controlling personal home networks from inside or outside the home.

The Intel PCA Developer Network Solutions Catalog features 400 tools. Search the catalog

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