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Innovating the Wireless Internet Intel® PCA Developer Network

If your business is innovating wireless Internet solutions, the Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA) can now help you get there, faster and easier than before.


Design, Develop, and Deploy: Faster

Membership in the Intel® PCA Developer Network provides application developers, device manufacturers, development tools vendors, and service providers with technical data, marketing support, marketing exposure, marketing opportunities, and industry connections they need to accelerate the innovation and marketing of wireless Internet solutions.

Joining this Web-based community today provides you with even easier access to the resources you need to design, develop, and deploy innovative solutions based on this widely supported standards-based architecture. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Now it is easier to make the industry connections you need through the Intel® PCA Developer Network Company Directory.
  • The new and enhanced Intel® PCA Developer Network Solutions Catalog provides even faster access to Intel PCA building blocks, third-party tools, and software.
  • Intel PCA Development Support and Technical Support pages deliver the data you need.
  • The Intel® PCA Developer Network Newsletter keeps you informed on the latest Intel PCA wireless solutions.

Joining the community is easy. Register today at no cost and accelerate your innovation.

Join the Intel PCA Developer Network

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