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  Accelerating Wireless Application Development
The convergence of wireless phones and handheld digital devices is advancing daily. To keep pace with this wave of next-generation wireless devices, development of hardware and software must be able to occur along separate paths.

The open architectural framework of the Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel® PCA) allows separate development of applications and communication subsystems and speeds development and deployment of wireless Internet devices, applications, and services. It helps enable you to innovate new wireless Internet devices, applications, and services faster than ever before.

Design Independence
Intel PCA decouples the applications subsystem from the communication subsystem through an open physical and logical bus interface, while providing a link to memory subsystem.

The benefit: you can now drive application development to improve functionality and reduce time-to-market, with independence from communication standards.

Outstanding Flexibility
Intel PCA framework enables you to design a single platform to support a broad range of products, from cell phones and smart phones to PDAs and automotive clients. Intel PCA supports application compatibility across multiple levels of hardware integration to protect your platform design and software investments.

The benefit: Intel PCA provides consumer and corporate users greater availability of applications, broader deployment of services and networks, and more capable wireless platforms. Applications developers will benefit from shorter development cycles and an open architecture that allows for rapid adaptation of applications across platforms and devices, resulting in faster time-to-market.

It's these benefits that make it easy to understand why Intel PCA has such wide industry support.

See the interactive architectural overview

Navigation Memory Standard Bus Interface Communications Applications

Click on any subsystem above to learn more about the Intel PCA Framework

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Accelerating the Wireless World (351K PDF)
Intel PCA White Paper (713K PDF)
Intel PCA Technical Brief (62K PDF)
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