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Smart-Match Reference Configuration Tool
  Match the Right Vendors to Your Requirements
The Intel� PCA Smart-Match Reference Configuration Tool is an intelligent solutions finder based on the Intel PCA Developer Network Solutions Catalog database.

Operation is intuitive and automatic.

First, define your requirements by answering a few simple questions about desired processing performance, hardware capabilities, operating systems, supported application segments, and preferred manufacturing methods.

Coming April 2002
Intel® PCA Smart-Match Reference Configuration Tool Animation
Simple, pull-down modules to define your requirements
Intuitive interface searches Intel® PCA Developer Network Solutions Catalog
Results return with an interactive reference configuration based on your parameters


Interactive Block Diagrams

The Smart-Match tool then provides an interactive block diagram for the suggested reference configuration for your product. Then by selecting building blocks on the block diagram, you will receive a list of Intel PCA Developer Network members with relevant development solutions in categories including:

  • Intel� PCA Applications Processors
  • Other hardware
  • Developer Kits
  • Software Applications
  • Software Development Tools
  • Manufacturing and design resources

Screen Shot

Each block diagram represents a specific platform configuration that is supported by Intel and third-party solutions from Intel PCA Developer Network Solutions Catalog.

As an example, the Smart-Match tool can produce a list of vendors capable of providing an audio codec to work with the Intel� StrongARM* microprocessor running the Linux* operating system. The Smart-Match tool could also provide a list of manufacturers who could assist with final product production.

For added convenience, the Smart-Match Reference Configuration Tool will provide vendor reports in the form of exportable spreadsheet files.

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