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Share Experiences with your Friends with an Intel(R) PC Camera
A friend of yours has an Intel® PC Camera. And it's easier than you think to start seeing and hearing your friend in person on the Internet! Here's all the information you need to know to make it happen. Just follow any one of the three suggestions below:

Get an Intel(R) PC Camera of Your Own
An Intel PC Camera will allow you to communicate with friends and family over the Internet through video phone software. You can also take snapshots, create and send video email, post video to the Internet, broadcast live video over the Internet, create digital puzzles, and much more.

Install Intel® Video Phone Software for free!
If you do not own an Intel PC Camera, you can still download and use the Video Phone software. This software will let you connect with your friends, after helping you determine if they are currently online and ready to receive video phone calls. Read how to download and install the software. Please note: The Video Phone software will allow you to see and communicate with your friend. You will need a PC Camera in order for your friend to see you.

If You Already Have a PC Camera, Just Use It!
With your Intel PC Camera, you have everything you need to make video phone calls to your friends and family. All you have to do is connect to the Internet and load up your video phone software as you normally would to make an Internet video phone call. Then type in your friend's email address or click on the "Who's Online" option inside your software. This second option will take you to a video phone directory where you can type in your friend's name to see if they are currently online and ready to receive video phone calls.

If you need additional help connecting with your friend online, please visit our customer support site.

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