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EIA in Communications - Reference Configurations
Intel provides building blocks that work together in specific configurations to support simple and fast development of applications designs for communications. These building blocks can also be used within the Intel® Internet Exchange architecture to provide the high levels of scalable performance and reliability required by today's most demanding communications applications. Applications for these Communications Appliance Reference Designs include:

E-commerce Devices
Load Balancing
Network Attached Storage
Network Security
Virtual Private Networks
Voice Over IP (VoIP)
Web Caching

Click on one of the block diagrams below for an interactive description of how Intel components work together and to access the reference designs.

Intel® Communications Appliance Reference Designs
Processor Speed Chipset Ethernet
Intel® Performance
Intel� E7500 Dual Intel� Xeon� Processors with 512KB Cache 2.0-2.4 GHz Intel� E7500 82554GC & 82559
Performance at 1.26 GHz Dual Intel® Pentium® III Processors with 512K L2 Cache 1.26 GHz Micron* Copperhead/
82544GC & 82550EY
Performance Dual Intel® Pentium® III Processors 600-866 MHz ServerWorks ServerSet* III HE-SL 82559 & 82543GC
Intel® Value
Intel® Communications ICH Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® III Processor 566 MHz-
1.26 GHz
Intel® 815/E GMCH + 82801E C-ICH 82559 & 82562ET
Intel® 815E Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® III Processor 566-733 MHz Intel® 815E 82559ER & 82562ET
Intel® 810 Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® III Processor 300-700 MHz Intel® 810 82559ER
Intel® Entry-Level
Intel® Media Center Intel® Celeron® or Pentium® III Processor 300 MHz-
1.0 GHz
Intel® 82810 GMCH + 82801AA 82559
Intel® 440MX Intel® Celeron® Processor - Low Power 400 MHz Intel® 440MX 82559ER
Intel® 440BX Intel® Celeron® Processor 300A 300 MHz Intel® 440BX/PIIX4E 82559ER

Intel® Communications Blade Reference Designs
Processor Speed Chipset Ethernet
Intel® Entry-Level
Intel� 440MX Entry PrPMC Intel� Celeron� - Ultra Low Power or Pentium� III - Low Power Processor 300-700 MHz Intel® 440MX  

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