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Yan A. Borodovsky
Intel Fellow, Technology and Manufacturing Group
Director, Advanced Lithography


Yan Borodovsky is an Intel Fellow and Director of Advanced Lithography in Intel's Portland Technology Development group in Oregon. He directs and provides technical expertise to Intel efforts in Lithography tooling developments and long-term lithography planning. He joined Intel in 1987 as staff engineer and has been involved in the development of lithography tooling and advanced patterning techniques ever since. He was appointed Intel Fellow in January 1999.

Borodovsky was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, in 1947. He received M.S. in Solid State Devices and Physics from Politechnical Institute in Tula, Russia, in 1971. After graduation, he joined the Nuclear Research Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, Kiev, as an engineer involved in the research and development of solid state spectrometers of nuclear radiation. He left the former Soviet Union in 1979 and started his work at Syncal Corporation developing high-temperature semiconductor materials for deep space thermoelectric conversion devices.

In 1982, Borodovsky joined Advanced Micro Devices as Lithography Staff Engineer. In 1985, Borodovsky moved to Oregon to join ATEQ Corporation, where he designed and developed optical systems and optical testing equipment for the original CORE 2000 Laser Writer*.

Borodovsky had authored over 20 papers on defects and carrier transport in semiconductors, thermoelectric materials and lithographic techniques and methods. He holds eight patents, with three more pending. He received an Intel Individual Achievement Award for total overlay improvements.

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