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Products   Chipsets  
Get the best performance imaginable for your audio, digital video and communications with Intel® chipset based platforms for desktops and notebooks. You�ll also get all the innovation, compatibility and reliability you�d expect from Intel's complete platform solutions, including value add software and state of the art hardware. Intel chipsets are the best choice for your Intel microprocessor!

   Chipsets Comparison Chart


845G Chipset The Intel® 845G and 845E chipsets support 533/400 MHz system bus and integrate Hi-Speed USB 2.0 for the Pentium® 4 processor platform. The Intel® 845G chipset features integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics for stunning digital entertainment, and gives you the flexibility to add in an AGP4X card.
850E Chipset Validated with the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, the Intel® 850E chipset provides the fastest performance with support for 533 MHz system bus.
E7500 Chipset Next-generation Server Chipset Technology
The Intel® E7500 Chipset is optimized for the Intel® Xeon" processor and is the first in a new family of enterprise-class volume chipsets.
Intel® Application Accelerator
Accelerate boot time and disk I/O with performance software for Intel® chipset-based PCs.
Desktop Chipsets
Intel® 850E Chipset
Intel® 850 Chipset
Intel® 845E Chipset
Intel® 845G Chipset with
Intel® Extreme Graphics
Intel® 845 Chipset
Intel® 845GL Chipset with
Intel® Extreme Graphics
Intel® 815 Chipset
Intel® 815E Chipset
Intel® 815EP Chipset
Intel® 810E2 Chipset
Intel® 810E Chipset
Laptop Chipsets
Intel® 845MP Chipset
Intel® 830MP Chipset
Intel® 815EM Chipset
Intel® 440MX Chipset
Intel® 440ZX APGset
Workstation Chipsets
Intel® 860 Chipset
Intel® 850 Chipset
Intel® 840 Chipset
Intel® 440GX APGset
Intel® 440BX APGset
Server Chipsets
Intel® E7500 Chipset
Intel® 440GX APGset
Intel® 440BX APGset

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