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Embedded Products
Discover ideal high-performance embedded applications with Intel® embedded processors and chipsets. Intel�s innovative processor technology enhances performance and value for an ultimate embedded PC solution (in conjunction with PC hardware and development packages). And Intel® microcontrollers are the leading choice for embedded control on any level with fast, easy and cost-effective upgrade paths that combine high performance and rich feature sets.
Intel® Communications I/O Controller Hub (C-ICH) offers performance, reliability, and stability for applied computing applications.
Embedded Processors
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors
Intel® Xeon" Processors
Intel® Pentium® III Processors
Intel® i960® Processors
Intel® StrongARM* Processors
Intel® Pentium® II Processors
Intel® Celeron® Processors
Intel® Pentium® Processors with MMX" Technology
Intel® Pentium® Processors
Mature Processors
Intel486" Processors
Intel386" Processors
Intel® 186 Processors
Embedded Chipsets
Intel® E7500 Chipset
Intel® 845 Chipset
Intel® 815 and 815E Chipsets
Intel® 810E2 Chipset
Intel® 810 Chipset
Intel® 82801E C-ICH
Intel® 840 Chipset
Intel® 440BX APGset
Intel® 440MX Chipset
Intel® 430HX PCIset
Intel® 430TX PCIset
Baseband Chipsets
Intel® 5206 TDMA Baseband Chipset  PDF 141K
D5205 TDMA Baseband Chipset
D5314 PDC Single-Chip
Flash Memory
Intel® 1.8 Volt Wireless Flash Memory
3 Volt Synchronous Intel StrataFlash® Memory (K3/K18)
3 Volt Intel StrataFlash® Memory (J3)
Intel® 3 Volt Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory Family
MCS® 51/251
MCS 96/296
Multibus II Bus Interface
Automotive Products
Intel® Interconnect Devices

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