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Products   Networking and Communications Products for Developers
Networking & Communications Products for Developers
Learn about our broad range of standards-based building blocks and products enabling the communications industry. Intel® is the third largest provider of communications silicon, offering world-class semiconductor design and manufacturing expertise.
Network Adapter
Intel® Ethernet products and technologies help increase performance and lower costs by featuring the reduced power consumption and extended interoperability that accelerates time-to-market with innovative, differentiated solutions.
Ethernet Controllers
Ethernet Phys
Ethernet Repeaters
Ethernet Switches
Network, Serices and Control Processors
Intel and its broad ecosystem deliver the greatest choice of standards-based, high-performance packet, services and control processor building blocks for modular networking solutions. Our innovative approach lowers system and operating costs, extends time-in-market and enables rapid deployment of intelligent services.
Network Processors
Services & Control Processors
Intel® Celeron Processors
Intel® Pentium Processors
Intel® Xeon Processors
Embedded Intel® Chipsets
Media Signal Processor
Optical Products and Technologies
The demand for leading-edge performance, extended reach, and reduced power consumption continues to grow in optical networking. Service providers need to be able to choose from a range of optical solutions that reduce infrastructure build-out and lower costs.
Optical Components
PMA (Physical Medium Attachment)
PMD (Physical Medium Dependent)
Optical Transceivers
Photonic Design & Manufacturing
Optical Networking Solutions
Broadband and Access Products
Intel® Access products comprise broadband and narrowband, targeted at providing highly integrated solutions for access data communications. These products include V.92 analog modem chipsets, DSL, Cable and T1/E1 components for equipment manufacturers building high-density, carrier-grade network equipment.
Modem Chipsets
Telecom Building Blocks
Intel offers a broad range of Telecom hardware and software products and services ranging from boards to server software. These help converge voice and data technologies to answer communications needs for a range of environments from enterprise organizations to service providers. Intel provides voice, fax, conferencing, and speech technologies, telephone and IP network interfaces, PBX integration products, and carrier-class board systems-level products.
Telecom Boards & Software
Media Processing Products
Conferencing Boards
Fax Boards
Voice Boards
Signaling Products
Analog Telephone Interface Boards
ATM and Multinode Boards
Digital Telephony Interface Boards
IP Boards
SS7 Signaling Boards
Switching Products
Station Interface Boards
System Software & SDKs
Development Tools
Host and Board-Based Speech Products
Network Interface Software
System Software and SDKs
Telephony Server Software
Telecom Gateway & Server Products
IP Media Gateway
Custom Integrated Components
Converged Communications Platform
Voice Brick
Voice Portal Reference System
Telecom Middleware
Call Processing Server Software
CT Application Development Environment
Intel® Internet Phone SDK
Telephony Server Software
Telecom Board System Software
Telecom Services
Membership Programs
Compute Boards and Platforms
Intel® NetStructure" products provide OEM equipment designers with CompactPCI* standards-based, building block solutions for carrier-grade telecom and Internet applications. Solutions include hot swap, high availability and multi-computing capabilities, ranging from low-cost processor boards to fully integrated systems for mission-critical applications. Modular, scalable, off-the-shelf platforms and components, and support for major operating systems and real-time software, speed application development. View our current Intel NetStructure product offerings listed below.
CompactPCI* Components
CompactPCI Processor Boards
CompactPCI Platforms
CompactPCI Software
Carrier Grade Server Platforms
Storage Products
Storage products are based on Intel�s core competencies in processor, connectivity, and bridging technologies. The product lines provide the flexible, affordable integration options needed to meet requirements of Intel� Architecture platforms in every price segment. Intel supplies a range of interoperable building blocks compatible with existing Ethernet storage environments. This open approach fosters a community of providers who are accelerating the availability of interoperable, networked storage solutions that result in lower total costs of storage development and ownership.
I/O Processors & Chipsets
PCI Bridges
RAID & ISCSI Adapters
Internet Infrastructure and Security Products
Now PC and networking OEMs can quickly enter the high-growth security and e-commerce markets by offering brand-customizable VPN, SSL, and Intelligent Traffic Management systems manufactured by Intel. These systems can either complement existing OEM product lines or provide complete end-to-end solutions.
e-Commerce Accelerators
e-Commerce Directors
VPN Gateways

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