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Products   Chipsets   Intel® Extreme Graphics   Extreme Graphics Demo
Intel(r) Extreme Graphics
Requires the Flash* Player, audio and JavaScript You can either play the demo or download the full demo below to play it off-line. If you prefer to download smaller files, you can download each section separately. When playing the full demo, click "Experience the Benefits" to navigate within the demo.
Play Full Demo
Download Full Demo (ZIP 10.1 MB)
Download Introduction (EXE 1.35 MB)
Download "Extreme Graphics Realism" (EXE 2.40 MB)
Download "Advanced Graphics" (EXE 1.40 MB)
Download "Balanced Performance" (EXE 2.88 MB)
Download "Faster Connections" (EXE 2.91 MB)
Download "Incredible Convenience" (EXE 2.91 MB)
Text-only version
THE Solution for P4P Business Clients

The revolutionary graphics core of the Intel 845G chipset delivers an intense and realistic digital experience - without the expense of a separate graphics card. See the difference for yourself. You get sharper images, faster rendering, smoother motion and greater detail. It's a simple and inexpensive way to experience a new level of visual intensity.

Product Information
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