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Intel(r) Extreme Graphics

Can you experience stunning graphics without the expense of an add-in graphics card? Yes.

Intel® 845G and 845GL chipsets feature integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics, a revolutionary graphics core that delivers intense, realistic 3D graphics with sharp images, fast rendering, smooth motion, and incredible detail. This unique architecture enables balanced memory usage between graphics and the system for optimal performance. Extreme graphics architecture was uniquely designed to complement the capabilities of the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, and also supports the Intel® Celeron® processor.

Experience Intel Extreme Graphics in action
Intel® Extreme Graphics Architecture
Rapid Pixel and Texel Rendering
Uses special pipelines that allow 2D and 3D operations to overlap to speed up visual effects without impacting system performance.
Zone Rendering
Unique technology for drawing 3D scenes that optimizes performance between graphics and system functions.
Dynamic Video Memory
Dynamically allocates graphics memory as needed to balance memory usage among the operating system, applications, and graphics.
Intelligent Memory Managerment
Tiled memory addressing, deep display buffers, and dynamic data management assure efficient usage of memory.
Excellent Choice for Mainstream Consumers

Intel® Extreme Graphics delivers a rich visual experience for all your digital photos, video, and games. New 3D features create life-like environments and character effects for amazing PC gaming and entertainment.

THE Solution for Pentium 4 Processor Business Clients
The extremely innovative and extremely stable Intel® Extreme Graphics core delivers excellent graphics quality for all the latest business applications. With Intel® Stable Image Technology, the graphics driver is extensively tested to simplify software image management.
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Intel® Extreme Graphics User Guide
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