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Get the best performance imaginable for your audio, digital video and communications with Intel® chipset based platforms for desktops and notebooks. You�ll also get all the innovation, compatibility and reliability you�d expect from Intel's complete platform solutions, including value add software and state of the art hardware. Intel chipsets are the best choice for your Intel® microprocessor!
Highlighted Products
Introducing the Intel® 845G, 845E and 845GL Chipsets
Enable performance with the Intel® 845G and 845E chipsets, which support the amazingly fast 533MHz and 400MHz system bus for the Pentium® 4 processor. The Intel® 845G and 845GL chipsets deliver a rich visual experience with integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics, and the 845G chipset also includes an AGP4X port for ultimate flexibility. All new chipsets integrate Hi-Speed USB 2.0, providing up to 40 times faster downloads than USB 1.1 for today�s demanding I/O peripherals.
 Intel® 850E Chipset
The Intel® 850E chipset extends 850 chipset platform capabilities by adding 533 MHz system bus support for the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor at 2.26 GHz and beyond.
 Intel® 845 Chipset
Validated with the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, the Intel® 845 Chipset supports a 400 MHz processor system bus and AGP4X graphics to optimize system performance.
 Intel® Application Accelerator
Accelerate boot time and disk I/O with performance software for Intel® chipset-based PCs.
Desktop Chipsets
Intel® 850E Chipset
Intel® 850 Chipset
Intel® 845E Chipset
Intel® 845G Chipset with Intel® Extreme Graphics
Intel® 845 Chipset
Intel® 845GL Chipset with Intel® Extreme Graphics
Intel® 815 Chipset
Intel® 815E Chipset
Intel® 815EP Chipset
Intel® 810E2 Chipset
Intel® 810E Chipset
Laptop Chipsets
Intel® 845MP Chipset
Intel® 830MP Chipset
Intel® 815EM Chipset
Intel® 440MX Chipset
Intel® 440ZX AGPSet

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