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Products   Desktop & Laptop Components  
Desktop & Laptop Components
Desktop & Laptop Components Intel® desktop and laptop components give you maximum power, performance and reliability. Experience new levels of speed, convenience and compatibility with processors, chipsets and motherboards that offer optimized shopping, gaming and communications. Add Intel PC accessories like digital cameras and audio players for an enriched PC experience.

Processors | Chipsets | Desktop Boards | Home & Small Office Networking
PC Accessories | Desktop Adapters | Mobile Adapters

Get the highest levels of power, performance and reliability for your personal shopping, gaming and Web communications with an Intel® processor. Intel processors are bringing desktop and mobile computing to new levels of speed and convenience.
Desktop Processors
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Intel® Celeron® Processor
Intel® Boxed Desktop Processors
Laptop Processors
Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor - M
Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor-M
Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Mobile Intel® Celeron® Processor
Intel® Boxed Mobile Processors
Get the best performance imaginable for your audio, digital video and communications with Intel® chipset-based platforms for desktops and laptops. You�ll also get all the innovation, compatibility and reliability you�d expect from Intel's complete platform solutions, including value add software and state of the art hardware. Intel chipsets are the best choice for your Intel microprocessor!
Desktop Chipsets
Intel® 850E Chipset
Intel® 850 Chipset
Intel® 845 Chipset
Intel® 815 Chipset
Intel® 815E Chipset
Intel® 815EG Chipset
Intel® 815EP Chipset
Intel® 815P Chipset
Intel® 815G Chipset
Intel® 810E2 Chipset
Intel® 810E Chipset
Intel® 810 Chipset
Laptop Chipsets
Intel® 845MP Chipset
Intel® 830MP Chipset
Intel® 815EM Chipset
Intel® 440MX Chipset
Intel® 440ZX AGPSet
Desktop Boards
Intel Desktop Boards are one of your most powerful advantages when building a PC today. Intel® Desktop Boards provide:
  • Rock solid stability - which provides the highest level of quality, reliability and compatibility.
  • Snap integration - which supplies the tools for easy integration, timely updates and unsurpassed support.
  • Leading technology - which takes the industry in new directions with groundbreaking desktop technologies.
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor Compatible Boards
Intel® Pentium® III Processor Compatible Boards
Intel® Celeron® Compatible Boards
Intel® Boxed Desktop Boards
Home & Small Office Networking
Take your small office or home office to the next level with an Intel® network. You'll soon be simultaneously checking on investments, paying bills, playing video games with long-distance friends, participating in Web seminars, and even sharing video online.
Home Networking
Intel® AnyPoint" Home Network
Intel® AnyPoint" Wireless II Network
Intel® AnyPoint" Wireless Gateway
Intel® Wireless Gateway 1200
Intel® PRO/DSL 3200 Modem
Intel® PRO/DSL 2200 Modem
PC Accessories
We have discontinued some of our Intel® PC accessories. If you currently own Intel wired or wireless peripherals, digital cameras, or digital audio players you can still find customer support for your products.
Intel® PC Camera Products
Digital Audio
PC Toys
Intel® Web Appliance Service Platform
Desktop Adapters
Choose from a variety of award-winning Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet adapters. Intel® desktop adapters are designed to fit your network environment to extend Gigabit Ethernet performance to the desktop, enhance desktop management, and provide flexible connectivity for your legacy PCs.
Intel® PRO/1000 T Adapter
Intel® PRO/100 S Adapter
Intel® PRO/100 TX ISA Adapter
Intel® Wireless 5000 LAN PCI Adapter
Intel® PRO/100 VE Adapter
Intel® PRO/100+ Adapter
Intel® PRO/10+ ISA LAN Adapter
Mobile Adapters
Intel® mobile adapters provide reliable high-speed connections with encryption offloading for greater LAN security.Choose a LAN card for local network connections, a modem card for remote access, or a combination card for both. Mobile adapters are available in 32-bit and 16-bit models, with both wired and wireless network connectivity options.
TYPE III - integrated adapters with built-in connectors
TYPE III MODULAR - mix and match cards for custom solutions
TYPE II - for laptops that require a single-slot design

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