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Server Chassis
Discover dependable, high server availability´┐Żand leading technology´┐Żin an Intel® server chassis. Intel server chassis allow Intel® processor-based solutions that are flexible, scalable and built to keep your server up and running.
Highlighted Products
 Innovative, 1U Rack-Optimized Server Chassis
 for Reliable High-Density Solutions
Innovative and Rack-Optimized for Intel® Server Board SCB2, the Intel® SR1200 delivers the latest server chassis technology to support a wide range of high-density system configurations. The Intel SR1200 includes two 64-bit/66-MHz PCI risers that accommodate two adapter cards on peer PCI buses. Two drive bays accept either SCSI or ATA (IDE) drives, and a special flexible bay allows an additional SCSI hard drive or a slim-line CD ROM/floppy drive module. Advanced cooling technology allows for two high-performance Intel® Pentium® III processors with 512-KB L2 cache support.
 Versatile, Highly Reliable Rack Mount and
 Pedestal Server Chassis
The versatile Server Chassis SC5100 delivers outstanding flexibility and leading dual- processing features. It is very flexible, supporting two server boards, with the Intel® Pentium® III processor, rack or pedestal configurations, single or redundant power supplies, and supports either five IDE hard drives or ten 1" Ultra160 SCSI hard drives. This chassis enables you to meet a variety of customer needs with one chassis.
Intel® Server Chassis SC5100
Intel® Server Chassis SR2200
Intel® Server Chassis SR1200
Intel® Boxed Server Chassis

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