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Products   Server & Workstation Components
Server & Workstation Components
Server and Workstation Components Intel® server and workstation components let your system achieve new levels of computing performance, while offering you compatibility and advanced architecture ideal for a multi-processing environment. You�ll get dependable server availability and leading technology within flexible, scalable solutions built to keep you up and running.
Get the highest levels of power, performance, scalability and reliability for your servers and workstations with an Intel® processor. Intel processors extend Intel® Architecture to new levels of enterprise computing performance-and offer all the compatibility and reliability you�d expect from Intel.
Server Processors
Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Intel® Xeon" Processor with 512KB L2 cache
Intel® Xeon" Processor MP
Intel® Itanium® Processor
Intel® Pentium® III Xeon" Processor
Intel® Boxed Server Processors
Workstation Processors
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
Intel® Xeon" Processor
Intel® Itanium® Processor
Intel® Boxed Workstation Processors
Maximize the power of your Intel® processor-based system with the latest technological enhancements of an Intel chipset. You�ll get the outstanding performance and advanced architecture ideal for a multitasking environment.
Server Chipsets
Intel® E7500 Chipset
Intel® 860 Chipset
Intel® 840 Chipset
Intel® 440GX AGPset
Intel® 440BX AGPset
Workstation Chipsets
Intel® 860 Chipset
Intel® 850 Chipset
Intel® 840 Chipset
Intel® 440GX AGPset
Intel® 440BX AGPset
Extend your Intel® Architecture to new heights of technical computing performance with an Intel motherboard. Intel motherboards are a part of complete platform solutions supporting Intel; processors.
Server Boards
Intel® Server Board S815EBM1
Intel® Server Board SAI2
Intel® Server Board SDS2
Intel® Server Management
Intel® Server Board STL2
Intel® Server Board SCB2
Intel® Server Board SBT2
Intel® Boxed Server Boards
Workstation Boards
Intel® Workstation Board OR840
Intel® Boxed Workstation Boards
Server Adapters
Intel® is the first to give your servers and workstations fast, reliable, more secure network connections with an award-winning family of server adapters. These Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet server adapters help reduce bottlenecks and improve availability with industry-leading performance and advanced server features.Intel® SingleDriver" technology allows you to simplify installation and maintenance with a common suite of drivers.
Intel® PRO 1000 XT Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/100 S Dual Port Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 F Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/100 S Server Adapter
Server Chassis
Discover dependable, high server availability�and leading technology�in an Intel® server chassis. Intel server chassis allow Intel processor-based solutions that are flexible, scalable and built to keep your server up and running.
INTEL® Server Chassis SC5100
INTEL® Server Chassis SR2200
INTEL® Server Chassis SR1200
INTEL® Server Chassis SC5000
INTEL® Server Chassis SR2000
INTEL® Server Chassis SR2050
INTEL® Server Chassis SR2100
Intel® Boxed Server Chassis
Server Platforms
Experience maximum server uptime with an Intel® server platform. From component selection to the latest in system architecture, these dependable platforms are designed to provide you with uninterrupted service�and help you meet all your e-Business needs.
Intel® SPKA4 Server Platform
Intel® SRKA4 Server Platform
Intel® SRMK2 Server Platform
Intel® SRPM8 Server Platform
Intel® SRPL8 Server Platform
Intel® Boxed Server Platform
Server RAID Controllers
Enhance your server�s availability and reliability with an Intel® RAID (redundant array of independent disks) Controller. Intel® Server RAID makes exceptional data protection and manageability affordable for entry-level and midrange Intel®-based servers.
Intel® RAID Controller SRCMR
Intel® RAID Controller SRCU31
Intel® RAID Controller SRCU31L
Intel® Boxed RAID Controllers

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