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Extend your Intel® Architecture to new heights of technical computing performance with an Intel® motherboard. Intel motherboards are a part of complete platform solutions supporting Intel® processors.
Highlighted Products
 Powerful, Rack-Optimized Server Board for
 Reliable High-Density Solutions
High-density rack-mount (HDRM) servers are emerging as one of the strongest segments in the entry-level server space. Their thin, rack-mount design saves space and simplifies the installation, operation, and maintenance of co-located systems. For dependable, manageable rack-mount servers, be sure to use Intel® server building blocks, including the new Intel® Server Board SCB2.
 Value and Versatility for Small and Medium-Size
The Intel® Server Board SAI2 is an economical server board with support for two Intel® Pentium® III processors with 512-KB of L2 cache and 4 GB of PC133 ECC SDRAM memory. With their increased L2 cache, these processors help provide the performance headroom your customers require to meet a wide range of e-Business needs. The Server Board SAI2 provides the power of dual Intel® Pentium® III processors and excellent quality, without the higher cost usually associated with higher performance.
Server Boards
Intel® Server Board S815EBM1
Intel® Server Board SAI2
Intel® Server Board SDS2
Intel® Server Management
Intel® Server Board STL2
Intel® Server Board SCB2
Intel® Server Board SBT2
Intel® Boxed Server Boards
Workstation Boards
Intel® Workstation board OR840
Intel® Boxed Workstation Boards

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