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Server Platforms
Experience maximum server uptime with an Intel® server platform. From component selection to the latest in system architecture, these dependable platforms are designed to provide you with uninterrupted service�and help you meet all your e-Business needs.
Highlighted Products
 High-End 8-Way Server System with Scalable
 Intel® Architecture
The SRPL8 system features the Profusion® chipset supporting up to eight Intel® Pentium® III Xeon� processors supporting 700 MHz and 900 MHz speeds, 32 GB of ECC memory, 64-bit 100 MHz PCI-X and 33 MHz PCI, PCI Hot-Plug functionality and advanced System Management.
Intel® SPKA4 Server Platform
Intel® SRKA4 Server Platform
Intel® SRMK2 Server Platform
Intel® SRPM8 Server Platform
Intel® SRPL8 Server Platform
Intel® Boxed Server Platform

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