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Products   Server & Workstation Components   Processors   Intel® Itanium® Processor
Intel(r) Itanium(r) Processor
The Intel® Itanium® processor offers investment protection with performance, scalability, high availability, and choice. It is the first in a family of processors based on the new Itanium architecture. The powerful new processor family extends open-standards-based computing to the enterprise, delivering flexibility, choice and value over proprietary solutions.
Intel(R) Itanium(R) Processor Features
Available speeds
733 MHz, 800 MHz
Based on EPIC architecture
Scales to 512 processors
64-bit addressing and high-memory bandwidth
HP-UX*, Linux*, Windows*
Intel® 460GX, OEM custom chipsets
Chipset memory
Level 1: 32KB
Level 2: 96KB
Level 3: 2MB, 4MB
I/O bandwidth
PCI-66 MHz
System bus frequency
The Birth of a New Era for the Enterprise

The Itanium architecture does far more than just extend the Intel architecture to 64 bits. The uniquely designed EPIC (Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing) architecture allows the highest possible performance via new levels of parallelism for enterprise and technical applications. World-class floating point performance enhances analytic and scientific design and visualization applications. 64-bit addressing and massive resources combine to provide a platform to handle many terabytes of data with improved memory latency and fewer branch misses to further improve database performance. High availability and scalability and breadth of enterprise operating systems and applications ensure investment protection for years to come.

Itanium architecture today includes world-class capability for targeted applications, including:

Large databases
Business Intelligence/Data Mining
Security Transactions
High Performance Computing
Mechanical Computer-Aided Engineering Analysis

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