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Products   Wireless Computing & Communications Components
Wireless Computing & Communications Components
Wireless Computing & Communications Components Intel® Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PCA) Building Blocks provide developers of next-generation wireless devices with the tools and creative freedom they need to design sophisticated client solutions. Intel PCA building blocks deliver outstanding wireless results, balancing superior applications, communications and memory with efficient power usage, all within a flexible architecture.

Intel PCA offers a new system architecture that links the three building blocks, applications, communications and memory, with a simple standard interface, allowing for the parallel development of each and resulting in superior performance, functionality and scalability.

Applications Processors | Baseband Chipsets | Intel® Flash Memory

Applications Processors
Intel® PCA Applications processors, based on the Intel® XScale" microarchitecture, deliver advanced integration, leadership multimedia performance and superior power savings for full-featured wireless cell phones, communicators and PDAs.
Intel® XScale Technology
Intel® PXA250 Applications Processor
Intel® PXA210 Applications Processor
Intel® SA-1110 Applications Processor
Baseband Chipsets
Intel® Baseband chipsets combine the microcontroller with rapid signal processing for increased communication performance at extremely low power for multi-mode, multi-band wireless devices.
Intel® 5206 TDMA Baseband Chip
Intel® D5205 TDMA Baseband Chipset
Intel® D5314 PDCharm2 Single-Chip Baseband
Intel® Flash Memory
As the world's leading supplier of flash memory for wireless cell phones and handheld devices, Intel provides the lowest-voltage, highest-performance, non-volatile memory on the market. Optimized for wireless, Intel® Flash memory delivers the most innovative and cost-effective solutions available.
Intel® 1.8 Volt Wireless Flash
Intel® StrataFlash® Memory
Intel® Flash Software

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