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Mission Statement

Microprocessor Research Labs
Mission: To develop key technologies for future microprocessors and platforms ahead of the product development groups, to advance new uses and users for Intel microprocessors with a focus on the Internet environment, and to cooperate with universities in the above research areas.

Overview: Microprocessor Research Labs (MRL) is the leading developer of microprocessor technology and the organization setting the standard for microprocessor development three to ten years in the future. Its international research facilities provide an insight into microprocessors (circuits, architecture, compilers, etc.), platform architecture (buses, caches, memory, interconnect, etc.) and core human interface (speech, NLP, video, vision, graphics, new devices, etc.).

With three of its research facilities located near fabrication plants, MRL researchers work side-by-side with product and process development groups. This arrangement fosters the efficient implementation of innovations into products.

Founded: 1995

Locations: Hillsboro, Oregon (Circuit Research, Emerging Platforms and IA Architecture Labs)
Santa Clara, California (Graphics, Compiler/Java and IA64 Architecture Performance Labs)
Beijing, China (China Research Center)
Haifa, Israel (Architecture Research Lab)

Size: Approximately 200 researchers and support staff

Initiatives: MRL's work is focused on four initiatives, each supported by multiple research areas.

Software Framework Provide foundation for continued software innovation and support the use of advanced microprocessor features

Speech Enable access to the data available on the Internet through an intelligent speech interface.

Multi-modal interface Develop a multi modal user interface for Asia that lowers the barrier to entry into the digital world by peoples who use kanji characters

Interactive Media Enhance the communication of information over the Internet by providing high quality streaming media and intelligent image recognition and manipulation techniques.

Technology: MRL focuses on developing key technologies for future microprocessors and platforms ahead of Intel's microprocessor product development groups.

Key research areas are:
  • Circuits
  • Microprocessor Architecture
  • Compilers
  • Core Platform Architecture (buses, caches, memory, interconnect)
  • Core Human Interface technologies (speech, NLP, video, vision, graphics, new devices)

MRL is one of Intel's 'core product' research labs. Its innovations complement other labs along with Intel product and process groups. MRL funds advanced research at a number of leading universities.

For information on MRL Marketing contact: or

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