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University Collaborations:

Intel supports innovation and the advancement of technology through university research grants. Projects funded by Intel look beyond current technology, with a focus on advancing the computer industry at large. Research projects funded by Intel generally have a longer-term focus than internal research and development.

Our objectives with sponsored research are to:

  • Support areas that are important to the future of the computer industry outside of Intel's current product line.
  • Support our long-term commitment to universities and academic institutions.
  • Increase academia's access to Intel's advanced technologies including latest hardware platforms and software development tools at universities and academic institutions.
  • Encourage the positive transfer of ideas between universities and Intel's technologists and researchers.

For information about how to submit a proposal, please go to the focus area of interest and look for Research Proposal Submission Procedures at

In MRL, people have the unique opportunity to turn new ideas into technological advances. Positions are available for talented candidates at all levels.

Current Job Openings:
Compiler and Dynamic Optimization Research Positions
Speech Technology
Speech Technology - Language
Advanced Microarchitecture Research

We hire many college students each year to work in the Microprocessor Research Labs as interns. Many of these students are in advanced degree programs. Interns typically are in school full-time during the academic year and work full-time for approximately 12 weeks during the summer months. The most active recruiting period for summer interns is January through March. If you are interested, please send your resume to email: and state your interest in working in MRL.

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