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Open Source


This library is intended for use, incorporation and modification by researchers, commercial software developers, government and camera vendors as reflected in the license

See the Library Overview for a quick idea of what's in the library.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


Aid commercial uses of computer vision in human-computer interface, robotics, monitoring, biometrics and security by providing a free and open infrastructure where the distributed efforts of the vision community can be consolidated and performance optimized.

Web group

An online community organized around the Open Source Computer Vision Library has been created at ** for sharing information, bugs, opinions, questions and answers about the library.   

Join Open CV
After getting a Yahoo ID, subscribe by sending email to . 

Read News

Once you have subscribed, you can read news at **.

Post Questions, Bugs, or Patches

Email to:
If your post is a bug report, please put �BUG� in the subject line. 

Please join this group!  If you don't want to be bothered by daily emails after you've joined, simply go to the newsgroup ** and choose "No Mail/Web Only", or "Daily Digest"  from the pull down list to the right of OpenCV.  But stay subscribed because several times a year we will announce major new releases, call for submissions, polls on suggested new functions and workshops related to the library.

For the Image Processing Library, all support questions should go through: (for release libraries) (for beta libraries)

How to Contribute Code or Algorithms

Your code, documentation and testing should conform as much as possible to our coding and documentation style guidelines.
At an absolute minimum files should begin with a BSD-compatible license, whose template can be found in the Contributors_BSD_License.htm file.

Zip your code and documentation and email it to with subject "USER CONTRIBUTION". Acceptance decisions will be made by committee or user poll as appropriate.


Download files are available on Source Forge: ** .

Sample Press

Programmer's Tool Chest, The OpenCV Library  Dr.Dobbs Journal (11/00) **

Vision Systems Design* magazine (7/7/00)

Alpha 3 release 6/14/00

Computer Vision Library Press Release

The Open Source License for the library describes use and redistribution rights for the library.

*All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

**The following links will take you off of the Intel Web site. Intel does not control the content of these linked Web sites.

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