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This library is mainly aimed at real time computer vision.  Some example areas would be  Human-Computer Interaction (HCI); Object Identification, Segmentation and Recognition; Face Recognition; Gesture Recognition; Motion Tracking, Ego Motion, Motion Understanding; Structure From Motion (SFM);  and Mobile Robotics.

Library Areas:

The areas covered by this library are

Chapter Contents
Image functions Creation, allocation, destruction of images. Fast pixel access macros.
Data Structures Static types and dynamic storage.
Contour Processing Finding, displaying, manipulation, and simplification of image contours.
Geometry Line and ellipse fitting.  Convex hull.  Contour analysis.
Features 1st & 2nd Image Derivatives. Lines: Canny, Hough.  Corners: Finding, tracking.
Image Statistics In region of interest: Count, Mean, STD, Min, Max, Norm, Moments, Hu Moments.
Image Pyramids Power of 2.  Color/texture segmentation.
Morphology Erode, dilate, open, close. Gradient, top-hat, black-hat.
Background Differencing Accumulate images and squared images.  Running averages.
Distance Transform Distance Transform
Thresholding Binary, inverse binary, truncated, to zero, to zero inverse.
Flood Fill 4 and 8 connected
Camera Calibration Intrinsic and extrinsic, Rodrigues, un-distortion, Finding checkerboard calibration pattern
View Morphing 8 point algorithm, Epipolar alignment of images
Motion Templates Overlaying silhouettes: motion history image, gradient and weighted global motion.
CAMSHIFT Mean shift algorithm and variant
Active Contours Snakes
Optical Flow HS, L-K, BM and L-K in pyramid.
Estimators Kalman and Condensation.
POSIT 6DOF model based estimate from 1 2D view.
Histogram (recognition) Manipulation, comparison, backprojection.  Earth Mover's Distance (EMD).
Gesture Recognition Stereo based: Finding hand, hand mask.  Image homography, bounding box.
Matrix Matrix Math: SVD, inverse, cross-product, Mahalanobis, eigen values and vectors. Perspective projection.
Eigen Objects Calc Cov Matrix, Calc Eigen objects, decomp. coeffs. Decomposition and projection.
embedded HMMs Create, destroy, observation vectors, DCT, Viterbi Segmentation, training and test.
Drawing Primatives Line, rectangle, circle, ellipse, polygon. Text on images.
System Functions Load optimized code.  Get processor info.
Utility Abs difference. Template matching. Pixel order<->Plane order. Convert Scale. Sampling lines. Bi-linear interpolation. ArcTan, sqrt, inv-sqrt, reciprocal. CartToPolar, Exp, Log. Random numbs.  Set image. K-Means.

Intel´┐Ż Image Processing Library (included in OpenCV WinOS download):
  1. Image creation and access (same image header used for both libraries).
  2. Image arithmetic and logic operations.
  3. Image filtering.
  4. Linear image transformation.
  5. Image morphology.
  6. Color space conversion.
  7. Image histogram and thresholding.
  8. Geometric transformation (zoom-decimate, rotate, mirror, shear, warp, perspective transform, affine transform).
  9. Image moments.

Demo Overview (apps that come with the library)
Matlab Camera Calibration Toolbox tutorial
Automatic camera calibration filter
Color tracker/face tracker 
Condensation filter fracker 
Face recognition using embedded HMMs 
Kalman filter tracker 
Lucas-Kanade optical flow in an image pyramid 

User Contributed Utilities Windows* Specific
How to find any Direct Show* camera driver with the CAMSHIFT demo
Matrox Meteor* Direct Show capture filter

Linux* Specific

C Code, Non-Specific
BMP* to IPL file reader/writer
Finding the mean and covariance of data sets on disk


*All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

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