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Special Edition
The current edition of the Intel Technology Journal is a treasure trove of information, covering a variety of interesting areas, from logic, flash and communications processes to transistor design, lithography, packaging and high volume manufacturing.

Flash and Other Non-Volatile Memory Technologies
Intel is developing manufacturing process technologies and solutions for leading-edge wireless and network communication products.

0.13 Micron and Beyond
Intel's 0.13 micron process features 0.06 micron gate length transistors and six layers of copper interconnect. Intel has recently shown the world's smallest transistor, with a gate length of 15nm and has introduced the TeraHertz transistor for the second half of the decade.

300 mm Wafers
With a conversion to 300 mm wafers, Intel will derive significant cost savings. Intel�s fabs will use fewer resources -- including utilities and people -- and there will be a significant reduction in environmental impact per die produced.

Lithography is one of the key technologies that enable Intel to meet the challenge of Moore's Law by allowing a 30% decrease in the size of printed dimensions every two years. Intel is investing heavily in 157 nm and EUV lithography research.

Intel is developing new packaging solutions to meet the form factor, power dissipation and power delivery requirements of future processors. Intel recently unveiled an ultra-thin new packaging technology called BBUL.

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